harmonics VH McKinnie 2-28-03

From the voices of women
I hear the cry for peace
to spare
our husbands and sons and brothers and fathers
whose talk and smiles and kisses open our world.
From the voices of women
come the songs that lullaby
the guns and clenched fist into
palm up gesture of open heart.
From the voices of women
comes the call to gather
together arm in arm against arms
to hold each other as we chant and weep.
Our children have died too soon.
They are the slaughtered pathway of industry
And politics. Their blood oils the machines,
Powers the presses and stuffs the ballot boxes.
But no more.
The voices of women are a crescendo
Sounding and chanting and urging
And singing the truth like oceans
And rivers and waters of the world.
We will all drink peace. It will rise
Like vaporous heat and spread like thunder
And wash the deserts in a deluge
Of joy. We women will circle
Like ponds and lakes and puddles.
We will gather in shining ovals of noon,
Going pink like dawn and still at dusk.
We will spill cool sips of peace into parched throats
So others can sing and trill
how sweet the taste of pleasure
And how holding each other feels
like being babies new again.
The voices of women are shaking
The ears and heads of senators and chairmen
And even other women hiding
In the shadows and dry places:
Flow with us we croon. We are a ground swell,
A rising tide and a cresting wave
And a natural power falling forward into itself
Giving itself over to its own momentum
To say:
We desire
Peace first,
then understanding,
Then love,
more peace.
It is a holy cycle we would like to try.