music and meaning

Our first annual Community and Song fundraiser was a local celebration of The Healing Bridge's global growth. Volunteers, trustees, area subscribers, interviewees and contributors filled the large open space of The Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

music to inspire

The evening started off with versatile guitarist Peter Listino, followed by the musical duo Meadowlark who performed an intriguing range of melodies with mandolin, fiddle, autoharp and banjo.

Our featured musician, Phil Roy, topped off the evening with two sets of his dynamic and moving arrangements.

On tour to promote his CD Issues & Options Phil Roy personifies the mission of The Healing Bridge Project. Phil says, “I’ve spent my whole life writing about the human condition, and the songs on 'Issues' come from a certain consciousness. I try to reflect on the struggle all of us have at times, the struggle with faith and hope. The struggle to believe that the outcome will be all right."

Phil Roy has been the subject of much praise lately. He has earned favorable reviews from the New York Times' Stephen Holden, who called Roy's songs "touching object lessons in confronting and transcending despair." Holden writes: "His emotionally naked singing in a style midway between folk and soul conveys a piercing honesty. (Imagine an amalgam of Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen and Jesse Colin Young.)

"Anyone can relate to his autobiographical lyrics expressing the spiritual crisis of someone determined not to succumb to the pervasive nihilism of the age. He is the rare songwriter who can talk about God without sounding preachy and doctrinaire”.

stories to inspire

Between performances there was much activity. Our energetic volunteers promoted a raffle of healing services and products donated by local businesses. Our trustees spoke of the growth of The Healing Bridge Project and its future vision. And our director gave a welcoming address. Here are excerpts:

"We know of great teachers, leaders, visionaries and healers from many different disciplines. Many of us have studied with them and infuse their wisdom into our lives and work. Today, with the state of our world we are aware so much more needs to be done. We recognize that we need many more inspired leaders and teachers who commit to pioneering this Global Shift in Consciousness. Where are they?

"Well, guess what? Each one of you is a wisdom bearer. Every one of us has an unlimited potential for knowing what is most essential and for bridging the chasms that lie between meaning and purpose. I continually hear of this through listening to clients, students and everyday people who experience profound transformation.

"Often their changes are catalyzed through crisis which leads them to seek a therapist or doctor, a mentor or minister. If they are fortunate they find guides who help them plumb the depths of the perennial questions such as Who Am I, What is Life All About, How Can I Heal, Who Are My People, How Can I Help?

Yet growing through transformative crises, whether it is life threatening illness, addiction, emptiness, broken relationships or shattered dreams, is often a lonely and confusing process. It can too readily be submerged by what I call the "glossy brochure effect". When people are most vulnerable, dwelling in that in between place of who I was and who I am becoming, they can too easily be diverted from their evolutionary path--a path of healing. In our commercial world we see endless guarantees and promises for healing or enlightenment if you give over your power, money or hope to someone or something outside yourself . . . .

"Those who find deeper wisdom within their pain inspire and encourage others. By sharing their stories of healing mind, body and spirit, they promote the transformative potential within each one of us. And through interviewing men and women around the world The Healing Bridge can highlight how that potential is our common bond no matter how it is expressed, no matter what borders lie between us.

"To me that capacity is all about Spirit. And through tapping into that we shift our emotions, our physicality and our relationships. We transform our inner logic--the way we make meaning.

"The Healing Bridge is a forum for sharing our meaning-making journeys. It serves as the bridge between the old and the new . . . showing people how that journey unfolds, what benchmarks are along the way, who their kind, helpful companions may be, and what steps are taken to experience the true meaning of healing. "

a standing ovation

Our thanks and resounding applause to the evening performers Peter Listino, Meadowlark, and Phil Roy! We are grateful for the generous businesses who contributed to a raffle rich with gifts that reflect a diversity of healing resources. And a deep bow to those who attended and supported The Healing Bridge Project through tickets sales and donations. It was surely a night to remember and a compelling vision to carry forth!

TOP: Peter Listino SECOND: Phil Roy THIRD: Jane Hart BOTTOM: Meadowlark

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